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Welcome to INGATHER Research & Sensory


Thank you for your interest in joining our panel. There are never sales involved. INGATHER RESEARCH & SENSORY conducts only paid marketing research studies. You can learn more about INGATHER at  You can also find us on Facebook.

To join our panel, we need to collect some preliminary information.  This will help to assure we are contacting you for the right opportunities.

Please note that your opinions are very valuable to us. It’s important if you do qualify that we get you into the correct group. Some studies might look for:

• People who use a certain product or service often and sometimes we are looking for people who do not
• People who are loyal to a certain brand, other times we need people who tried a brand but didn’t like it
• People who might be aware of a product or service but have never tried it

All studies are unique, so please think carefully about your responses and answer honestly. In order to ensure the accuracy of past research participation, our company keeps records of those participants involved in research studies, the date they participated, and the subject matter discussed. Please be accurate when you answer the following questions as they are checked against a database of past participators. Dishonest responses may result in the inability to participate in ANY future INGATHER studies.

By completing this survey, you consent to receive communication from INGATHER Research & Sensory regarding marketing research studies.
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